I’ve completed my first album self titled “Mark Langan”.

It’s an all original album with 10 tracks, cinematic, soundtrack esque with haunting vocals,

rich melodic guitar arrangements accompanied by soaring whistles and uilleann pipes.

The album is available to buy physically as a Gatefold Vinyl Record & CD combo,

complete with stunning original Artwork by Barry Britton Art & Kate Rocks Art.

Why not take the time out to actually listen to an album from start to finish and examine the record sleeves and artwork.

I’ve self financed the entire album, recording, mastering, production, formating, design, artwork... In the digital era of streaming artists are losing control and the means of making a meaningful income from their creative works. I have decided to boycott the pay per listen streaming services. When you buy my record you are supporting a chain of Irish artists and industry related professionals.

Thanks for your attention if you got this far! Mark.

Album Road Sign_edited_edited.jpg